“…It is her brain that made her work stand out and win numerous awards. Susan has consistently originated and evolved successful campaigns, and elegant identity solutions that all flourished through her ability to get to the core of the issues facing a brand.”

—Michele Adams

“…She has the unique ability to overcome the challenge of giving clients what they think they want to deliver award-winning creative that our clients never expect/imagine is possible with their brand.”

—Scott Shadiow

“…Susan’s creative intuition, dedication to the work, and solid understanding of our business (and our clients’) makes her a pleasure to work with. She brings a highly literate, big-picture view to any project and always has something unexpected yet spot-on strategically to bring to it.”

—Peggy DeMouthe

“…Susan’s dedication to solving her clients’ marketing challenges is her top priority. She is able to take a complex product and design smart, strategic work. Susan is also the cultural ambassador of the shop. Her dry sense of humor makes her a wonderful team player.”

—Sharon Rundberg