Pixar. Pretty obvious, but nice to call them out anyway. They get it. Story is what drives their films. Not clever inside-jokes.Their animation is above reproach, but their characters and the adventures they go on, are what keep people coming back.

Trees. What would the Lorax do?  Plant more trees. This site makes it easy and compelling and beautiful.

Photographers. Bruce Peterson is one of my favorite studio photagraphers. I once wrote him a fan email and he not only responded but his rep sent me a framable print of one of his pieces. If I were rich, I would love to own some of the work created by Rodney Smith.

Clouds. I grew up in Big Sky country, so anyone who wants to highlight the importance and the beauty of clouds gets my attention.

Ever on the search for evidence of the beauty in science, I stumbled upon the work of Klari Reis. Check out the Petri Projects in particular.

Also, recently revisited the work of Theo Jansen and thought I’d pass it along. Just wish the animals were biodegradable, yet they are being recycled in their own right.